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About top-funny-jokes.com

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the vast ocean of funny websites.

AlexanderMy name is Alexander and I decided that this site “Top-funny-jokes.com” should be my little project to see how far I can take it and compete against the other big sites. I have always loved good jokes, hard riddles funny insults and crazy pick up lines. Back in winter 2014, I was a bit bored. I was looking at the same old pages about jokes, riddles etc. Ohh, I should mention, that I’m from Denmark, a little country with 6 mill people. We don’t have so many different pages about this stuff. They are old, boring and they all have the same content. So yeah, I was bored! I decided to make my own page, a new and fresh page with both the old stuff and much new. A year later, my page is number 1 in Denmark. So I wanted to try the same project but in English. “And yes, I know. My chance for become number 1 here are non-existence. Nevertheless, I want to try anyway.

A good joke is something we all like, we have enjoyed them as children and enjoy them as grownups. Unfortunately, life becomes more serious with time and we do not have as much time to enjoy all the fun. We work too much and worry about everything, give you self the rest you and your body needs. I hope that you can do that with this site.

In November 2017, I took the decision to create website packed with jokes, riddles, insults and pick up lines. February 26 the website was completed and 100% functional. The website is divided into different categories, you can always find just the category you prefer.

“He who goes to bed with itchy butt, wakes up with smelly finger.”
– Sun Tzu quote

What is top-funny-jokes.com

Top-funny-jokes.com is a place where you can explore the amazing and fun part of jokes, insults pick up lines, and riddles. Whit this site you can find just the funny jokes you’re looking for and keeps you laughing with others. I have jokes for all occasions and in many genres.

I give you an easy way to identify the jokes you search whatever topic and genre with our search form. Whether you like funny, naughty or wierd jokes, they are all here in one place.

I will constantly expand this site with new jokes, different riddle, funny pick up lines and crazy insults. My goal with this project is to give you the pleasure and enjoyment of laughter with friends and family. If there is a need for specific genre you cannot find on this site, then do not hesitate to write me about your wishes.


To make it as easy as possible for you as the visitor to find the genre of jokes you’re looking for, I have divided them into categories.

Currently jokes categories

Funny jokes
Yo mama jokes
Knock knock jokes
Racist jokes
Dirty jokes
Jokes for kids
Blonde jokes
Mexican jokes
Stupid jokes
Roses are red violets are blue jokes
Jew jokes
Corny jokes
Anti jokes
Dad jokes
Fat jokes
Hilarious jokes
White people jokes
Chuck Norris jokes
Old people jokes
Pregnant jokes
Condom jokes
Girlfriend jokes
Husband and wife jokes
Black jokes
Adult jokes
Bad jokes
Lesbian jokes
Star wars jokes
One liner jokes
Offensive jokes
Sex jokes
Short jokes
Clean jokes
Christmas jokes
Dead baby jokes
Asian jokes
Cat jokes
Cheesy jokes
Chemistry jokes
Chevy jokes
Cow jokes
Dark jokes
Dumb jokes
Easter jokes
Fart jokes
Fathers day jokes
Ford jokes
Gay jokes
Good jokes
Halloween jokes
Harry potter jokes
Helen keller jokes
Irish jokes
Jokes about men
Lame jokes
Little johnny jokes
Math jokes
Midget jokes
Nerd jokes
Obama jokes
Pirate jokes
Pokemon jokes
Poop jokes
Redneck jokes
School jokes
Science jokes
Sick jokes
Silly jokes
Siri jokes
Thanksgiving jokes

Currently insults categories

Funny insults
Hilarious insults
Great insults
Good insults
Shakespeare insults
Fat insults
Funny insulting names
Clever insults
Best insults ever
Mean insults

Currently Pick up lines categories

Best pick up lines
Cute pick up lines
Bad pick up lines
Cheesy pick up lines
Clever pick up lines
Corny Pick up lines
Funny pick up lines
Good pick up lines
Great pick up lines
Hilarious pick up lines
Pick up lines for girls
Lame pick up lines
Pick up lines for guys
Romantic pick up lines
Sweet pick up lines
Witty pick up lines

Currently Riddles categories

Tricky riddles
Riddles for teens
Rriddles for adults
Riddles with answers
Riddle me this
Math riddles
Logic riddles
Riddles for kids
Hobbit riddles
Cool riddles
Good riddles
Funny riddles
Easy riddles
Dirty riddles
Difficult riddles
Clever riddles
Best riddles

Although this page is called “Top-funny-jokes.com”, you will also find pickup lines, riddles and insults here. I update this website continuously, so remember to come back often and see the new stuff I add.

My goal or vision for this site is to be the largest delivery of jokes and entertainment. My dream is to get this sites among the other behemoth sites out there.

To achieve my vision, I have a crucial plan to follow:

• Ongoing maintenance of the website
• Increasing the usability of the website
• Adding more jokes etc. and other categories of entertainment
• Other initiatives in the pipeline

12/24/2020 is the date where I would like to see that I, along with the website and all visitors reach that vision.

Top-funny-jokes.com are financed by advertising

As you may know, nothing is free in this world. It takes both time and money to maintain and grow this site. I decided to make use of banner ads and visible advertising blocks.


Please feel free to contact me by mail. This can be done via the website contact form. I strive to answer every inquiry within 24 hours.