Pick up lines - we got them all.

The art of seduction is not easy for everyone, therefore one must sometimes resort to pick up lines. Even with the broad selection of different pick up lines you´ll never know if you succeed. There is just more to it then just using a single pickup line. You can read much more about it further down.

Pick up lines and what they can be used for

Pick up lines You find yourself at a party or some sort of gathering. The place is packed. You've already had a bit to drink and your happy. The music is pouring out of the speakers, some people dance while others sit, laugh and talk. Yes you are enjoying yourself, and having fun with your friends. Suddenly you spot a woman / man dancing who you find attractive.

The question now is, how do you get that individuels attention? Well, there is several different methods you can approach. This site is all about the pick up lines, so lets look at that.

Here is what pick up lines can be used for:

  • To get in touch with others
  • Breaking the ice
  • Get a laugh or smile
  • And in the end to get the person you want

  • Want to know more about the definition of pick up line? You can read more about it here: Click here

    Which pickup lines do you need?

    This site contains huge selections of different pick up lines you can take advantage of. First of all, you need to decide, which ones you want to use. There is a big difference between the various categories. Be sure to pick pick up lines from the funny or best category and not the cheesy one. Your chances to get the one you want will increase if you pick the right pickup line. Making the wrong decision here, you risk that you either will be laughed at or even worse getting slapped. Without taking the chance you will never achieve anything, you must not lose heart if it all goes wrong the first, second or third time. Remember “There is plenty fish in the sea”. Just keep going at it, you will get better and eventual catch a fish, so to speak.

    How to get the one you want

    Some people have it a lot easier at it than others. But what is it that makes them so much better at it? How come your best friend can get any girl while you’re being rejected time and time again? The “science” behind it all is actually pretty simple.

    1. First of all, you need to look clean, not perfect just clean, you know, like you’re taking a shower now and then. It's both embarrassing and plain stupid, to approach someone you don't know when you have stains on your pants, just because you were a bit too drunk to hit the bowl when you were out on the restroom. Things like dandruff (flakes) in your hair is a big turnoff. Or the biggest turnoff of them all, you approach a girl and you just reek of sweat. You know, those days where you work out or just working hard, and afterward smell like dead animals. Well the only thing you going to attract are flies. Yeah I know, it can be a challenge having all things in order, when you've already a bit drunk, have been sweating on the dance floor and spilled something over your new t-shirt. But hey, thats life for you. You have to use what you have. The thing I'm trying to say is, that you have to take care of yourself and be aware how you look.

    2. Self confidence. This is probably one of the most important things why guys get rejected time and time again. Namely shortage of self confidence. Know that as soon as you approach you'll be judged in a few second. Yes it only take a few second to make a first impression of you, just based on how you look and your demeanor. Those first few second are some of the most important when you going for the opposite sex. When you approach the one you want to get, do it with self confidence, don't hug the bear, look at your feet or stutter. Yes it can be cute, but for the most part not. I know, we all have been there, the nervousness, sweaty palms and rapid breaths. Remember, your a man, and you have to show it to the girl. Be confident and casual like you own the place.

    better-using-a-pickup-lines-than-the-silence 3. Say something! One thing is to be confident, but there is one thing that can ruin the it all. The word that comes out of your mouth. Please think about what your saying, yes there is many girls who like a cocky guy, but don’t overdue it. Confidence and stupidity are two different things. Enough about stupidity, lets move on. When you finally make contact with the girl / guy, do not and I repeat do not just stand there like a mute or start a conversation about the weather. If they want to know anything about the weather, they can see it with news.

    Are you nervous or have some difficulty to start a conversation, well that's the perfect reason to use a pickup line. And no, pick up lines don't have to be something like: “I want to marry you" or "I want to have kids with you”. Pick a pickup line that can open a conversation, some sort of an icebreaker. If you are not comfortable using pickup lines, just start the with a questions: “I love your shoes, where did you get them” or “Hey girl, how is it that your the one I noticed” Ok maybe the last one was a bit forward. But hey you know what I mean right? Compliments are another great thing to start with, just compliments a person's clothes, hair, make-up or one of the other hundred things a person can have on them. There is just way to many ways to start a conversation. Just remember to be confident. It can be a little awkward to begin with, but like everything else, you gonna learn it with time.

    It all a game, nothing else, and those who practice are just plain better than the rest. Just to give you an idea how good a person can be is to get the girl you want without a word. Using only body Language. What the hell, right?

    4. We are all different, and we have our differences. Some like dark hair and blue eyes, while others like blondes with brown eyes. We will and can not get anyone we like, that's life. You have to learn to read people, that is something you will learn with time. If you’re one of those who get rejected all the time, maybe it's time to change your attitude or method. There are plenty of fish in the sea, don't give up and keep at it. This is a game where all can win!

    5. One last thing I want to mention is that pick up lines are not for everyone. You absolutely don't have to use any to get the one you like. There is many different ways to achieve just that, you just have to find your own way.

    Description of the Pick up lines categories

    Best pick up lines: Looking for the best pick up lines? Well here is a collection with some of the best pick up lines on this site.Good luck out there.

    Bad pick up lines: A list of bad pickup lines, why we have them? why not. Some of them are actually that bad, that they sometimes work. Wierd right?

    Cheesy pick up lines: Cheesy yes, but also funny. Use them if you want. Just be sure that the girl or guys, knoes you only kidding.

    Clever pick up lines: Ahh, here arre the clever ones. Not everyone will understand them, but if they do you know that they are smart.

    Corny Pick up lines: Amazingly these corny pick up lines are still being used all around. I will warn you not to use these. They are boring and wont help you in anyway. We still have them, to show what not to use.

    Witty pick up lines: Again some funny pick up lines you can use to come in contact with the opposite sex. Just be sure that the person knows you only joking.

    Cute pick up lines: Cute pick up lines are a bit like the sweet ones, just without the sugar on top. They are subtle and not to forward.

    Funny pick up lines: Funny pickup lines that will put a mile on anyones face. They are great icebreakers for you to come in contact with the opposite gender.

    Good pick up lines: Good pick up lines can be used if you're looking for some help. Be careful not to use those that are know around.

    Great pick up lines: Some pickup lines are better than others, here we have great pick up lines, that actually can help you get the one you want.

    Hilarious pick up lines: Looking for pickup lines to laugh at, maybe use on some friend and share them around, well this is the page for you.

    Lame pick up lines: This list is only to laugh at, not to be used irl, you risk getting slapped og ignored.

    Pick up lines for guys: Here is great collection with pick up lines just for guys. No sweet talk no sugar on the top. Some of them are a bit cheesy, but hey, if they work they owk.

    Romantic pick up lines: Have already a girl og boyfrind? Well these romantic pick up lines will melt their hearts and they will love you for it.

    Sweet pick up lines: You dont need any sugar. This is a huge list with sweet pick up lines. Some are perhaps a bit to sweet.

    Pick up lines for girls: If the guys need spick up lines, why not girls. Here is great list for girls only, read them, laugh and share. Enjoy

    What are you waiting for? Get out there and get that girl / guy.
    Good hunting and good luck in your art of seduction.

    Other Funny Things

    Jokes: Maybe you're more into jokes. On this website, I also have a large collection of various jokes that you can enjoy with your family, friends or your better half. I take great pride in being able to provide entertainment in form of funny jokes and make your life more enjoyable.

    Insults: Insults can be fun to use on friends, people you know or even your family. I have specially made a whole section with insults in different categories for you. Insults can be fun to use against others, but beware who you say them too, some people will be offended or emotionally hurt by them and it is not the meaning of this page.

    Riddles: Do you enjoy puzzles and riddles? We have 17 different categories filled with great riddles you can choose from. A great way to excersice your brain and increase your mental ability to think out of the box. It's more fun to solve riddles with friends and family, be sure to share them with those you love and care about.

    A small request

    Do you know any great, sad, bad, funny or any other pickup lines i don't have here with the rest of them. Well dont hesitate to submit them. I think we all should share so others can enjoy them like you lot.

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