Riddles you will love and hate - we got them all.

I received several requests about this site lacking riddles. Well guys, I listened and now you can enjoy riddles. I have chosen to create the categories of riddles that are most searched for and therefore have a better chance to reach my audience.

We humans are by nature curious and would like to have answers and solutions to most things. This is exactly what you can get with riddles. You have a great opportunity to come up with your own solutions for all the riddles I have. I won't say your solution will be the right one, but hey you have to try right?

It's actually not the right solution that matters, but more the trying at solving the riddle. It's like the journey is more important then the goal. All the riddles will have a correspondent and correct solution. You wont see them at first, but if your stuck or just want to get on with it, just click the riddles itself and the solution will presents itself. I know many sites with riddles, don't give you the solutions to the riddles, here you will have it all, at the same time it's great to have the correct answer to the specific riddles so you can check if you were right.

Here is the different riddle categories you will find on this website:

Riddles The world looks somewhat different today than it did just 50 years ago. Today, children have smart phones, computers, tablets, etc. Parents spend extremely large sums of money to buy their children the best equipment and toys.

Both adults and children walk around with their mobile phones like zombies. What about enjoying the world you are in, instead of throwing your self in a virtual world.

Before the mobile, internet and everything else related to the new technology was invented, people entertained each other with stories. True, funny, fictional and so on, the best part of a story was if it contained some sort of a puzzle or a riddle. Some people tried to solve riddles for days without luck. My mission here is to bring back the riddles, you know, some of the first riddles ever invented have survived to this day. There is of course many more riddles in different shapes and difficulty then ever before. We have easy ones, tricky, hard, dirty and riddles with question you may have pondered about for some time. We got hundreds and hundreds of different riddles which are divided into 17 different categories.

Unfortunately, riddles are not as popular as they have been in the past, one of my goals is to provide a great experience and enjoyment to those people who still love to solve riddles as I do. It must also be said that not all puzzles are solved, there are mathematical riddles or equations that has yet to be solved. These are, of course, not for everyone they are tackled by math geniuses and professors worldwide. If you think you have better luck than the smartest people on earth then you could of course try to solve Millennium problems.

What is the definition of a riddle?

Well, a riddles is a question, phrase or a statement having a veiled or double meaning, designed as a riddles to be solved. There is two types of riddles, that again can be categorized into smaller groups. The two main types is an enigma and a conundrum. You can read much more about these two types her: Enigmas and Conundra .

Riddle categories

Tricky riddles: These riddles are somewhat difficult to solve. Because when you think you have the correct solution, it turns out that the answer is something else entirely. If you have the courage go for it.

Riddles for teens: Are you a teenager or or parent who have teenage children. These riddles are specially designed for them. They are both fun and educational.

Rriddles for adults: Adults have their own category because we tend to think differently than children. Our way of perceiving things is more logical and uncomplicated.

Riddles with answers: Here is an amazing collection of riddles and corresponding answers to each riddle. The answer is hidden, but if you want to see the correct solution, so just tap on the puzzle and the solution will appear.

Riddle me this: So long as I can remember, I've always liked solving riddles. It did not matter if they were tough or weird, it just meant that it was more of a challenge.

Math riddles: Mathematical riddles are very logical and contain numbers. If you are not very good at math, these riddles are not for you. However, if you love math then you should definitely try these.

Logic riddles: Logic riddles are for the people who can see the meaning of things, those who can see the shortest route from one point to another.

Riddles for kids: Kids love riddles, it gives them challenges and develop their imagination to think other ways than they normally do. It is also a good opportunity to exercise their the brain.

Hobbit riddles: If you love The Lord Of The Rings, you liked these riddles. I have collected them from movies and books. I will add more over time.

Cool riddles: Cool riddles is something you can tell your friends and family, share them with those you love and make their day more enjoyable and fun.

Good riddles: There are many different riddles, these here are the good ones. Of course, we all have different tastes, but these are the riddles that most prefer.

Funny riddles: Funny riddles can make most people laugh and smile. Here it is both riddles are fun but also the solutions and answered is never what one expects.

Easy riddles: Easy riddles is for those people who do not bother to spend too much energy to find the correct solutions. Children will love these as they can help to solve them. A good mix for the whole family.

Dirty riddles: Dirty riddles for adults, here you will quickly find out how filthy mindset you have. These riddles are not for children as they may contain some naughty words and opinions.

Difficult riddles: Do you think that riddles are too light, try these difficult riddles. I will guarantee you that you will have problems to solve them.

Clever riddles: Clever riddles are constructed in a special way, you have double wide meaning and the answer also requires a special mindset.

Best riddles: Jeg har prøvet at samle de bedste riddles i en enkel kategori hvor alle kan deltage og være med ud og finde de korrekte løsninger.

Other Fun Things

Jokes: Great selection of different jokes, no matter your taste, we got them all. Check out the main page for our jokes and select the category you want.

Insults: We don't encourage using insults toward others as they may get upset or angry. Read them for your own pleasure, cause I must admit, some of them are pretty funny.

Pick up lines: Having trouble to get the guy or girl you want? Don't worry, we got many great Pick up lines for you to try out. Just be careful and choose a pickup line that is appropriate for the person you want. Good luck

A small request

Whether it's jokes, insults, pick up lines or riddles your interest lies in, I need you help. As you all know, I am a one man army, I have spent an incredible amount of hours to make this site so you can enjoy every inch of it. The issue here is, that I cant do it all by my self. So if you know any funne jokes, great riddles, pick up lines etc. please submit them. Only with your help can I make this site better not only for you but also for everybody else. You can use the contact or submit form form to get in touch with me. Thanks in advance.

Have a great day.