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Copyright Policy

In the following, we will introduce you to the Copyright Policy of Top-funny-jokes.com.
The Copyright Policy of Top-funny-jokes.com includes on a) text, graphics, logos, buttons, icons, pictures and the site’s software; and b) jokes, pick up lines, insults, riddles and other content of the site.

Property of Top-funny-jokes.com

Text, graphics, logos, buttons, icons, pictures and software belonging to the site is all protected by copyright, and any modifications or changes to this content is property of Top-funny-jokes.com without exceptions.
Furthermore, the content belonging to “he-funny-jokes.com may not be used, without our prior written consent, on other websites or for commercial use.

Intellectual Content

All intellectual content on this site regarding jokes, pick up lines, riddles and insults is not the property of Top-funny-jokes.com and it is thus not included in our Copyright Policy.
Instead, this content belongs to the particular submitters and originators.

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