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My first milestone

milestoneHi guys, hope you have had some great last weeks weeks. Much has happened in the last couple of months. We have held several birthdays, My daughter is 2 years old now, my son is 5 and my wife is 33. So I’ve eaten my share of birthday cake for this year. I have also worked a lot on the website and let me put it this way.

I am a very systematic and determined person, so when I set myself some goals, I intend to finish them no matter what. I always have a specific order to things I have to do when I throw myself into a new project. One of the important things is that I have to give myself long-term milestones and short-term milestones. This is so I can always celebrate even the smallest things, and then feel that I always accomplishes something with my projects. It is important to celebrate even the smallest things.

The “Top-funny-jokes.com” is a huge project because it already has taken me hundreds of hours working on it and I’m by no means finished with it. It has therefore been important for me to be focused and determined. Sometimes one can quickly lose track when working with something as big as this website.

So what is my first milestone?

First of all, I would like to mention that I added a new genre to join the family. I hope you like riddles in many different sizes and shapes.

My first short-term milestone was to make the 4 different categories of entertainment on the website. It has not been easy and has required much time. But nevertheless, I have done it.

You can currently see and read these on this website:

Jokes – There are so many jokes that you could spend the rest of your life with them as the only entertainment source. We are all different and our taste in jokes thereafter. I have divided all the jokes in different categories for a clearer overview for all jokes. I add jokes continuously and will create new categories in the future. At this time you will find 28 different categories with joke that you can enjoy.

Insults – Insults are not something we want you to use against other people. With insults you can make others sad, angry or embarrass them. I have included insults on this page, because many of them are hilarious. Use them on your friends and family who know you only mean it as a joke. We have 10 different categories with insults you can enjoy.

Pick up lines – Pick up lines can be funny, terrible, insulting, cheesy and in many other different shapes and sizes. Pick up lines are the champion some guys using to get a girl they like. It is rare that they actually work. There are several different ways to get in touch with others, and pick up lines is one of them, you can use them as an icebreaker or just make an ass out of yourself. You can choose between 16 different categories with here.

Riddles – Riddles are something we all like. It does not matter whether it is a child or adult, riddles are just fun to solve. Many of the riddles. require you to think in a whole different way than you’re used to, and sometimes the answer is so obvious that you can not see it. I have 17 different categories with of riddles you can enjoy.

relief-and-freedomNow that I have reached the first milestone I’ve set for myself I feel a sense of freedom and relief, it is as if the weight on my shoulders has become a lot less. Right here and now, I think I will enjoy some days without work, where I just relax until I have to start working again on the next milestone.

If you want to understand what I feel at this time, then this music video might explain it better than I can in words.

A look in the past

It is quite a great and wonderful feeling to be able to look back on where I was in the beginning (my first post) and how confusing it all seemed to where I am today. Here I am with a full functional website that I have created from scratch with my own two hands.

laughterSome may wonder why I initially threw myself over a project like this. And there is a very simple reason. I have long looked my own and others life, our world and how it all comes down the crapper. There is conflicts all over, war, racism, killings and so on. We as humans have become more indifferent to our life here on earth and many take it for granted. Life is something one have to acknowledge and enjoy every day, cause one day it will all be over without you ever knowing it. We need to use our time with the people we love and care about, enjoy our life with laughter and happiness.

So I build this website as a way to change peoples life for a more happier life. If I can change one persons day make him or her smile, its worth all the time a have spent on this page. My mission with this site is to give you a better and more enjoyable day.

A huge thank you

Yes, I am speaking to you, you and you. All my visitors who have got something out of my website and those who have written to me, either with questions, comments or submitting new material. When I think about it, this page wouldn’t exist without you and all the help, since I created it for a purpose, namely as a service where in you can entertain yourself with different things, like jokes, riddles and so on. I hope to receive a lot more mails no matter what. If you got an exciting story, or a joke I yet have on the website or perhaps something I could do better.
So once again, thank you all for your support and help.

What’s next I wonder?

Summer is gone, it starts to get colder, leaves have a golden brown color and fall off. And soon it will begin to rain and even snow in a couples of months. Yes, I am well aware that the weather is different, depends on where one is in the world. It just looks like we that lives where I come from have soon to use more and warmer clothes. And before long the winter will be upon us.

32 years ago at 2 am on a cold night in the month of February, I was born. I was born while the snow covered every inch of the ground and you could see nothing for the terrible weather. Perhaps that is why I am so crazy about winter as I am. Winter for me is the best season and I can never get enough of it. For me, winter is a magic. Snow all around, it’s could, I don’t know how to explain it, and perhaps I don’t have to. This is just for those who love the white magic winter gives one.

I actually don’t even know why I’m writing about this winter stuff. But I think I’m gonna take a couple of weeks of, so I really can enjoy they magic of it all, my family and friends. Don’t worry though, I will be back stronger and more focused then ever.

I have several things on the drawing board for this site. And after the winter holidays I will concentrate and work on two different topics, namely:

  • Facts
  • Pranks

Next milestone and long-term goals.

My next small milestone is to get 50,000 visitors every month. Lets see if I can reach it this year.

I got several different things on the drawing board for this website I would like to see come true in the year 2017. And I hope the year 2017 will be one where I can really work through and reach more of my long-term goals.

Thank you for visiting my page and reading this post.
Have a great day.

//Alexander – The funny-jokes.com

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