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Why Comedy and Slots are the Perfect Pair

Why-Comedy-and-Slots-are-the-Perfect-PairIf there’s one pairing that many will turn their heads at, it’s casino games and comedy. Why? Because the two aren’t traditionally known to go hand in hand. If you think about it, the pair are actually well suited. Comedy is used to alleviate stress and tension, to relax and have a good time, and release some good endorphins, while strengthening social bonds. All of these descriptors can be applied to online slots – they can alleviate stress, allow people to relax, and release endorphins, and can be a dramatic and exciting experience if played with others.

Comedy Themed Slots

The themes of many slot games, especially those which utilize video, are bawdy and cheeky. From lucky leprechauns to the Greek gods, Egyptian treasure, cops and robbers, or even cartoonish Halloween themes, they are created to elicit a playful response from the slots players. Some offer whimsical narratives and jokes when different events happen in the game. None take themselves too seriously either, which is perfect for someone who wants to relax and interact with something tongue-in-cheek. The themes of the slots are designed in order to evoke imagery of well-known topics, with a cartoon-like spin on them.

Funny Film Slots

Branded slots are also very popular, especially those which link to a franchise that is gaining popularity or enjoys a high place in pop culture. The film Bridesmaids may attract a certain type of slot audience that other franchises, such as superhero ones and Jurassic World, may not. Anchorman has also been developed into a slot to take advantage of the popularity the film still receives as a cult classic. TV shows Family Guy and American Dad, known for their adult humour, also received the slot treatment and the characters lend themselves well to cross-branding. Sometimes the most rewarding slot machines are the ones that allow us to engage with a comedy character from our film and TV past.

Multiplayer Slots

Comedy-and-SlotsPlaying slots alongside friends is also another way in which the comedic nature of the game can be elicited. Instead of sitting tensely and muttering worried words, playing with friends will allow you all to relax and turn the game into a competition, which will undeniably result in laughter and merriment. The slots themselves don’t necessarily even need to be funny; you and your friends will use the activity as a way to bond and strengthen your social connection through the inevitable laughter that will follow.

Matching comedy with online slots may seem strange at first, but developers know what they’re doing. While your slot game isn’t going to be cracking the jokes, they will be able to elicit a similar energy to sitting around hearing them.

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