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Can yoga be dangerous?

Still wandering what the headline is about? Well don’t worry, I will explain in a bit.

Now-with-pick-up-linesFirst of all I wanted to announce that I also included Pick up lines to this site. They are both funny, creepy, corny and some useful. Some people use them others don’t. It’s totally up to you, personally, I never have or will use a pick up line on anyone. There is so many ways to get the person you want without using any pick up lines.

This site contains great number of pick up lines, to be exact; 16 different categories. Yeah I know, it took me many hours to create these pages. But hey, anything for you.

I will also mention, that I have added two new categories in the section of jokes.

Dead baby jokes
White people jokes

Why those categories? The simple answer is, that I got several requests from you guys, so here they are. I hope you enjoy these new jokes. Btw, the Dead baby jokes category is not for everyone. You are warned.

Life is funny that way (Yoga)

YogaI am a very organized person, I have a schedule for what I have to do every single day. This is about my project, not my personal life. So, as I am working some few days back, I noticed I had a couple of days off. So I decided to make something for my self, and by something for my self I mean, doing something with my self. I used to exercise several times a week, all that changed drastically when my first child came to this world. Now I’m just sitting on my ass in front of a computerscreen, working all the time. Well not anymore. So of all the sports out there, I decided to take up yoga.

How difficult could it be right? Oh boy I was wrong. I found out that I’m stiff as a board, and those poses are simply crazy. Although it was difficult, I didn’t give up, I kept at it and I got better. I felt better about myself. And that is a great feeling to have. But suddenly something happened with my knee, obviously, I have overexerted it. I can’t walk properly and certainly no yoga for me with this crap injury. So there you go, the answer to whether yoga can be dangerous is a big yes. Just look at the image to the right, what the hell? I could break my neck with such a pose.

So my decision to be more healty led to an injury, and now I must wait for it to heal. Just my luck.

Even though yoga is hard and all the fuss about my knee, I will definitely be back with my yoga team when im fully healed.

Thats all from me.

I hope you guys are enjoying the weekend.

Catch ya on the flip side.

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