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Early Christmas present

The weather depends, of course, on where you live in the world. I’m from Denmark and it has already snowed here. Lucky for me, I love snow and have nothing against the cold weather. Yes I know many people don’t like the winter because of the cold and mainly because it gets darker much earlier than in the summer. As some of you may know I got two kids, a girl that is 3 years old and her big brother 6 years. Like all other children, they can’t wait to get their presents for Christmas. And yes, I also got a present for you.
The image to the right represent my vision and goal for this website. As you all know, this site contains, funny jokes and other entertainment. The image you see contains different people, with different age, color, beliefs and probably religion. My biggest wish is to make this site no matter who or how old you are the site that you visit for jokes and alike.

I created this page back in December 2016 almost a year ago, and I got amazing feedback. I have received many funny jokes many of you submitted and great ideas on what I should focus on in the future.

I have worked on something the last 3 months, and the plan was to reveal it the 25th of December but I actually completed my task way before deadline and decided to reveal it today. So what is the big surprise? I will reveal it in just a second.

This site contains 34 different joke categories with over several thousand jokes all in all. But I didn’t feel it was enough, at the same time, I received several requests for categories this site didn’t contain.

So the thing I have worked on the past couple of month was “Drumroll please” 35 new jokes categories. I have actually added more categories then the site contained before. So all in all this entire site have 69 different categories filled with jokes. I won’t list them here, if you want to see the new ones, just head on to the main page in look under the heading “The second half of the full list”.

If you’re new to this site, welcome. You can look at our more popular categories:

These new jokes I have added have required a lot of my time, and I found myself several times falling asleep at the computer while I was working on them. The image on the right resembles me sleeping in front of the computer. And no, that actually not me, I don’t know who that man is, but he seems to have a great nap.

What about 2018

What about 2018 you may ask? Well one thing is certain and that is that I’m going to work hard to get this website more known. I to attract more traffic, different people and give them a better life in they way jokes can.

Besides that, I actually have big plans for this website next year. With good reason I can’t reveal anything at the moment about my future plans, but believe me when I tell you it’s going to be huge.

One last thing

I have mentioned it before. It’s pretty hard to create such a huge website all alone, the research alone take a ton of time, time away from my family, friends and other things I could have spent it on. I’m doing this for you, you who need some cheer in your normal life day, people who needs to smile or laugh more. My mission is to make others smile one person at a time.

Have a great day.
Sincerely Alexander.
Owner of Top-funny-jokes.com

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