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The bigger picture

The bigger pictureFor those of you who don’t know, this website: Top-funny-jokes.com was a part of a much bigger website The-funny-jokes.com. Back in December 2016 we had an average of 400.000 visitors every month. We saw a huge possibility to get even more visitors and even make money of it. But our plans did not match. So in Feb 2017 we decided to split. The url was his, so I bought him out and had to start all over again. Today the page has about 200-300 visitors every month. Yeah I know, not much, but I hope it will get many more in the future, I know that I have to work a lot to make it happen.

The old website had categories like:

  • Jokes
  • Quotes
  • Insults
  • Pick up lines
  • Riddles

My vision was to split the homepage in to different ones, because the “Quote” part of the website had a huge potential. So I removed quotes from this page and created another only with quotes and nothing else. You can visit it here: The-quotes.com
I will of course work on them both and will make them both great again.

Meanwhile, you can always visit and see our most visited categories:

What now?

Top-funny-jokes.com has 28 different jokes categories, 10 insults categories, 16 different Pick up lines categories and 17 categories with riddles. I have spent a huge amount of my time to make this site from scratch and I will continue working on it. I will add more content regularly. There will be other huge changes to the page, but don’t worry it will be for the better.

Why I created such a website?

I have always loved jokes, riddles etc. Back in 2014 I decided to create such a page. A page where others could enjoy a good joke, quote, riddle and so on. The page was not in English but in Danish. For those of you who don’t know it, I’m from Denmark. So yeah I created a Danish page for the Danish people. The country is much smaller than the United States. I think there is like 6-7 million people in the whole country. This was like a test for me. A year after I created the page, it became the biggest and most visited among all the others. I saw this as a huge success and decided to do the same here in the USA. I hope that this page will grow and get as huge as some of the biggest there is on the net.

Only with your help

I am a one man army, although I have all the skills to make this page great, I simply don’t have the time for it. The research to create or find new material is taking much of my time. So the only way I can get this site huge, is with your help. If you like a great joke, pick up line or some of the other may categories I have on this page, then help me. You don’t have to work or anything like that. The only thing I ask of you all is this. If you know any jokes, pick up lines, riddles or insults I don’t have on this site, then email me. I will put it on this page with your name attached to it.

Let´s make this site great together.

Have a great day.
Sincerely – Alexander – Top-funny-jokes.com

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